VAPORE understands the importance of making the correct buying decision. With many different suppliers across the country, it is important to be confident that your chosen supplier will provide excellence in both product and after service support. Please read the following reasons people choose to buy from VAPORE

QUALITY– VAPORE understands the importance of using high quality materials combined with unrivalled workmanship in order to create a product that will stand the test of time. We pay special attention to the build properties of our units to ensure that the risk of breakdown is greatly reduced so that you can continue to enjoy your new unit for many years.
Key points include:

8 mm acrylic material reinforced with 3-4 layers of fiber glass for maximum strength
6 – 8mm tempered safety glass used with all units as standard.
6 – 1.8mm aluminum profile framing for added sturdiness and rigidity.

RELIABILITY : All of our products are built with reliability as a primary concern and we expect our products to continue to serve you well into the future. All of our units are tested extensively for 30 minutes prior to the final packaging stage to ensure that your new product is ready to install straight out of the box.
Key points include:

High quality anti-corrosion chrome plating on all fixtures over time
Door rollers that are tested to pass over 100,000 consecutive uses
Ceramic core within each thermostatic valve to maximize lifespan.

SAFETY : Optimum safety for the user during operation of all of our products is paramount. Our steam shower enclosures feature an RCD (Residual Current Device) as standard. The RCD immediately stop electrical flow to the unit, if the RCD detects a short circuit, lack of water supply or overheating.
Key points include:

Edge protection with all glass panels to greatly reduce the risk of glass breakage
Overheating protection with all steam generators to prevent burnout
Tempered safety glass used as standard with all units

CUSTOMER SERVICE : VAPORE is proud to offer an unrivalled, knowledgeable team of staff that are dedicated to helping you choose the right product to suit your project. Our prompt after service and technical team is also available to help answer any questions you may have during or after installation.
Key points include:

We love to hear from you – Phone us, email us or what’s app
Friendly members of staff who know VAPORE products inside and out
Active stock management – Over 60% of our products are in immediate stock.

VALUE FOR MONEY : VAPORE sells direct or through our Registered & Reputed Dealer to the consumer. As there is no middle-man involved we are able to pass the savings we make on to you. The result is an outstanding product being sold at a highly competitive price. We also believe in transparent pricing so there are no hidden fees or additional extras you need to pay for.
Key points include:

No middle-man – You buy direct from the supplier at the best possible price

Multiple purchase discounts available if you purchase more than two unit
Seasonal Sales – Great prices with additional discounts in various sales each year.

DESIGN : VAPORE has worked closely with European and Asian designers to create attractive contemporary designs to suit all tastes and needs. With a variety of sizes and features married together with the latest up-to-date trends, you can guarantee that a VAPORE product will add that much required finishing touch to your project.
Key points include:
All glass designs available for the modern bathroom
Units that incorporate natural wood tones for the traditional bathroom
Practical solutions for families in everyday use environments.INNOVATION: VAPORE takes pride in keeping pace with the progress of science & technology so that you can experience the most cutting edge features available. Features such as our “touch sensitive” control panel which was the first of its kind in the marketplace. Our steam outlet with provision for aromatherapy oils was also a unique introduction to the marketplace.
Key points include:

Cutting edge designs matched with the latest technology
Breakthrough manufacturing techniques to produce high-end results
Constant improvements to ensure maximum reliability.

EASY INSTALLATION : All VAPORE products have been designed with ease of installation in mind. It is important that we make our units easy to assemble to ensure that the product will operate as we intended when final installation is complete. Furthermore, all units are provided with a clear and concise installation and user manual. Our technical team is only a phone call away if you require further assistance.
Key points include:

Straight forward panel assembly – Installation completed in less than a dayy
Detailed step-by-step installation and user manuals with pre-installation support
All product panels designed to go through standard doorways and up stairs.

FREE DELIVERY : All products within the VAPORE range including Steam Showers, Whirlpool baths, & Saunas bath come complete with Free Delivery within the Chandigarh/ Punchkula / Mohali mainland. All products can be delivered within 72 hours.
Key points include:

Prices include all delivery costs only for Chandigarh/ Punchkula/ Mohali.
Technician goes Withdelivery vehicles to unload consignment & install the same day.
Strong wooden crates utilized to ensuring no damage is caused.

EXCLUSIVITY : VAPORE prides itself on unique design and material quality. You can only buy VAPORE products directly from ourselves as we do not use distributors or resellers based around theCHANDIRAH. VAPORE represents high quality at reasonable prices. By keeping products unique to VAPORE we are able to manage the entire buying process to ensure that you receive the best possible service.
Key points include:

Unique product range with unrivalled build quality
Guaranteed high level of customer service direct from VAPORE
Exclusive modern designs that you will only find at VAPORE