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This is the model : VB-142 (220V) it can turn your existing shower into a Steam Room. Easy installation, Auto Water Fill, Auto Flush, Maintenance Free, No need to build expensive Drain, The exhaust water will automatically flow out to the Steam Exhaust

. Included: Steam generator in a separate box and Steam Panel, and all flexible connection wires and hoses (up to 3 feet).
. Speaker , Radio, Audio Hook up, telephone, Water Jets interchanging controlled by computer
. We do also include all wires, Water, and Steam Hoses.
. With our system, you don’t need to hire a plumber to build a new expensive drain.The system will automatically feed the water into the steam generator and will automatically flush the remaining water after each use into the exhaust steam exit, so you will not inhale the bacteria create inside the steam generator.
. Each new steam bath will be used new water.
. With easy installation. It takes about 45 minutes for customers to install it by themselves. We build our system strong enough for a standard shower size. Any bigger steam generator will only consume more electricity, and will take more space.
. You will have a 2 full years warranty from us, and we stand behind our products.
. You will expect to use our products for the next 10 years without any problem.

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